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    Baking Fun

    While I may have never been a stellar cook (never a bad cook, but never one of those cooks people raved about) I’ve always loved baking. In fact, I’ve always fancied myself a pretty decent baker. Cookies and cakes… Mmmm. I have a fruit cake recipe that makes fruit cake haters into fruit cake lovers – that’s how delicious some of my cakes…

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    My *Official* Opinions of Other Occult Authors

    Evidently, so I’m told, there are folks waiting on my official opinions about other authors in the *occult* arena. I do have an opinion and I’m going to share it. Hold onto your hats folks! First – to be an occult author takes a lot of guts, conviction, and ambition because there are always vicious critics out there who think they…

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    More Thoughts on Pro-Life

    I have a crazy theory I’d like to share with the gentle reader. Did you know that an educated woman is less likely to have children? Did you know that the number of white women breeding big families has dropped significantly in the last 20-40 years?  All the while – the pro-life movement has become more adamant. Do you think…

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    Keep ‘Em Guessing

    I guess I really am controversial. Effectively pissing off the left and right for at least the past 10 years. I think that should be my new slogan or something. Turns out a friend of mine was really miffed when he discovered I was placing curses on the copies of Infernal Colopatiron. Ha! That really cracked me up because it was so unexpected. Oh…

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    Why Does Your Website Suck?

    Dear Company/Government Agency We, the people, wanted to take a moment to ask all the big companies and government agencies like  Secretary of State (pick a state, mine is Colorado and it blows), Internal Revenue Service, Xcel Energy, Xfinity, the USPS, and yes, even city water departments — Why does your website suck? It took you all long enough to get into the whole online bill pay…

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    An Ode to Chocolate

    White or Dark. Milky with caramel. I already miss your silky, sweet goodness. I miss the sound of your foil wrapper. I miss your smooth exterior beauty. Your polished sheen. The anticipation of the first bite. Delight dancing on my tongue. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ll  miss you.  

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    Real Women Have Curves

    I’ve always been curvy. Even when I was in my late teens and could easily get my tiny 5’2″ ass into a size 3/6 (I needed a six for the top – big chested) I was considered curvy.  As I got older and the metabolism slowed I reminded myself that I’ve always been curvy.  I am short. I am stocky. I’ve got hips.…