More Author Mistakes #authorsbehavingbadly #marketingmistakes #cockygate

Ouch! Just when I think I’ve seen all the crazy, bad marketing mistakes out there – along comes another one.  These are gold to me. I’m actually teaching a workshop at a writer’s conference in September about cultivating the online Continue reading More Author Mistakes #authorsbehavingbadly #marketingmistakes #cockygate

Truths About Self-Publishing #writing #indieauthor

I recently had the unfortunate opportunity to run across another “old timer” who is under the erroneous assumption that traditionally published = better authors and better quality books. This antiquated idea is still perpetuated by those who make their living, Continue reading Truths About Self-Publishing #writing #indieauthor

Targeting Your Audience for Maximum Returns #marketing #recruiting

So it would seem this is an odd post for a writer to write for marketing and recruiting professionals, but I think they need a little help. So consider this post part of your career training. Take it from a Continue reading Targeting Your Audience for Maximum Returns #marketing #recruiting

Another God-Damn Post About Millennials #generations #crazyoldlady

“The current generation will be the death of us all!” – said of every generation by the previous generation. I keep reading article after article bitching about millennials.  That is, the generation born after mine (Gen X). I’ve concluded, after Continue reading Another God-Damn Post About Millennials #generations #crazyoldlady