Other Non-Fiction

Other non-fiction published as S. Connolly

Anthology of Sorcery Volume III (2017 BALG)  Contributed the Article:  Zagan Rite

Qlipphoth Journal Opus IV  (2015)- Contributed the article: Tiamat To Dagon: The Raging Seas of Da’ath.

Sabbatica (2015) – Contributed the article:  The Alchemical Preparation of Daemonic Elixirs

Anthology of Sorcery Volume II (2015?, BALG) – Contributed the article: The Asmodai.

Anthology of Sorcery Volume I (2014, BALG) – Contributed the article: Pacts With Daemons: Selling Your Soul in the 21st Century

Qliphoth Journal Opus III (2013 Nephilim Press) – Contributed the article: Path of Nasa & Alchemical Catharsis.

Religious Freedom: Why You Should Care – Black Serpent, Fall/Winter 2006

The Symbolism of the Nine – Black Serpent, Summer 2006

Share Your Religion, Lose Your Job – Black Serpent, Spring 2006

What’s Your Point? Seven Ways to Better Short StoriesVision: A Resource For Writers, May/June 2005

Dealing With Criticism- Vision: A Resource For Writers, July/August 2004

A Lesson in Forgiveness- OfSpirit Online Magazine, August 9, 2003

Writing as Therapy to Keep Writing- OfSpirit Online Magazine, May 2, 2003

Meditation: It’s Not As Hard As It Looks- OfSpirit Online Magazine, April 5, 2003

For Fast Relief, Try Slowing Down – OfSpirit Online Magazine, February 24, 2003. In the Yoga, Meditation, and Life Lessons catagories.

Know How Much Your Trucks Cost You- A NF Article about maintaining a fleet of company vehicles.  Tow Times Magazine, August 2000

A Pantheon of Dark Gods – NF Article 1998 Religie & Mystiek , and Black Serpent Magazine (Spring 2006)

Demonic Possession: Hysteria or Reality? – NF Article 2001 Religie & Mystiek

The Ideal Computer System For Your Company – NF Article Tow Times Magazine July 1999

The Internet As A Research Tool For Your BusinessNF Article Tow Times Magazine July 1998.

The Internet – What It Is and How It Can Benefit Your Towing Company Part 1, Business Management- Tow Times Magazine September 1997

The Internet – What It Is and How It Can Benefit Your Towing Company Part 2, Computers- Tow Times Magazine October 1997

Computer Know How

2002 – A column appearing every other month in Tow Times Magazine.

  • April 2002 – New High Tech Specs.
  • June 2002 – Cost Saving Options for Computer Maintenance
  • October 2002 – Computer Station Ergonomics
  • December 2002 – Handheld Computing

Computer Know How 2001 – A column appearing every other month in Tow Times Magazine.

  • February 2001 – Basic Trouble Shooting for the Non-Computer Person
  • April 2001 – Your Company Web Page – Do’s and Don’ts
  • June 2001 – Consider a Company Computer Policy
  • August 2001 – Desktop Publishing for your Business
  • October 2001 – Protect Your Computer Against Viruses
  • December 2001 – Databases

Computer Know How 2000 Tow Times Magazine.

  • February 2000 – 8 Tips for Improving Computer Literacy
  • April 2000 – Know Your Needs Before Buying A Computer
  • June 2000 – When is it Time to Computerize?
  • August 2000 – Office Computer Security
  • October 2000 – Basic Computer Maintenance
  • December 2000 – Basic Hard Drive Maintenance