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The Mrs. Clause

It’s going to take a Christmas miracle for Abby to escape the Mrs. Clause.

I’m Abby Preston and I’m in need of a few elves.

At thirty-four, I’m trying to start my own business, fend off my parents’ attempt at matchmaking, and avoid a relentless old flame who thinks we can pick up where we left off after he cheated on me. All the while, the clause in my grandfather’s will, that I need to be married or at least engaged by my thirty-fifth Christmas to claim my inheritance, looms over me. That money could really help my new business.

Just when my ex is starting to look like an option again, Gary has to walk into my life and make things complicated. He’s funny, attentive, attractive, and generous, and so poor that my family would never accept him. So, of course, I fall for him immediately. When he asks me to help him out by being his Mrs. Claus at a local children’s hospital where he plays Santa Claus every year, of course I say yes. But my thirty-fifth Christmas is only twenty days away, my ex, Luke, is the jealous type, my parents love to meddle, and I’m pretty sure my inheritance is toast.

Only some of Santa’s magic can fix my life.