Events Calendar

Updated 06/17/2021

As the world opens back up, I imagine events will as well. As many of you know, Denver Pop-Culture Con (formerly Denver Comic-Con) is now Denver Fan Expo. The great thing is we still have a pop culture convention in Denver. YAY! The bad thing is that it’s no longer as focused on literacy since Pop-Culture Classroom no longer runs the convention. Whether or not we’ll be able to get (or afford) vendor tables, or get put on panels remains to be seen. It seems they might be more inclined toward big publishers, big author names that draw crowds, and Hollywood. As soon as I learn more, I’ll let you all know. In the very least, a vendor table might be possible. 

In the meantime, I may be checking into smaller local fandom conventions for vending opportunities in 2022 so that I can continue to meet readers in person and sign books. 


Please note this schedule is subject to change. If you are running a large readers conference and are interested in having me attend your event as a speaker or teacher, please Contact Me. For smaller events with under 100 attendees, including anything esoteric related, please note that I may charge for these events if they are outside Colorado (Denver metro area) or if I hadn’t planned to attend on my own. Only because traveling to conferences that don’t offer a lot of exposure, on my own dime, is generally not worth the money I spend on flight, hotel, etc and it uses up all my vacation time.  However, if your conference is in a great location that I actually WANT to visit –  I might consider packing up the family and making a vacation of it. I will decide this on a case-by-case basis.