Paranormal Underworld (Steamy Paranormal Romance)

In a city overtaken by supernatural mafias, amid the shadows and darkness, love still finds a way…

Welcome to the city of Coventon where supernatural creatures congregate, controlling the city on the edge of Black Lake. It’s not just angels and demons, but also werewolves, dragons, witches and magi…. and the vampires.

This is a shared world series I’m writing with authors Payton Rome, Laney Powell, Fiona Starr, Demi Dumond, Scarlett Donovan, and Alexis Calder. Join us for this amazing, steamy paranormal romance series!

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Captive Vampire (Season 1: Unchained Hearts)

Becoming a vampire wasn’t part of his plan.

KEVIN: I never imagined I’d be involved with a woman like Mistress Catalina. She’s out of my league. I’m beginning to learn that Catalina leads a dark life- that she’s part of an underworld much more terrifying than organized crime, dealing with creatures scarier than the ones in monster movies. 

I’m not sure I want to be part of it anymore. Yet, I can’t just walk away. I’ve fallen in love with her, but she wants something from me that I’m not ready to give up.

CATALINA: Kevin is just like any other human working in one of my clubs: weak, mortal, delicious. But there’s something about him that intrigues me. After more than a century of life, it takes someone special to garner my attention. He’s given me one hell of a chase, and now I’ve decided to add him to my family.

Yet Kevin isn’t ready to submit, and I’m not ready to give him up. No one denies the Vampire Queen. I *always* get what I want.

Captive Vampire by Anne O’Connell 

Captive Angel by Scarlett Donovan 

Captive Dragon by Demi Dumond

Captive Wolf by Alexis Calder 

Captive Demon by Laney Powell 

Captive Witch by Fiona Starr

Captive Mage by Payton Rome

Fated Vampire (Season 2: Chosen Hearts)

Love bites.

DRACO: I never wanted to fall in love, I just wanted to be left alone. Then my best friend drags me to a music festival and I meet Alex. He’s perfect, we click, and before I know it, things are getting serious. Now, no matter how desperately I want to keep seeing him – there are things in Alex’s past and present that I can’t condone.

ALEX: Draco is everything I’ve ever wanted. He’s beautiful, kind, intelligent. His empathy sets him apart from most of our kind. So when he finds out I work in “vampire food services”, he refuses to keep seeing me due to ethical differences. It’s a great job with a lot of perks, but I need to decide what I want for my future. The job, or him?

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Forbidden Vampire (Season 3: Untamed Hearts)

Not all supernaturals are created equal.

ELLA: It was only supposed to be a one-night-stand. Submitting to a stranger I only knew as Master was easy. I’d never met anyone who could take control and make me feel like I was his everything. I know he felt it, too. Then he ghosts me. How could everything change overnight?

TREY: She was the first submissive to bring out an uncontrollable mating urge in me. She would have made the perfect mate, if she wasn’t a vampire. I can’t stop thinking about her. I want her — need her… but my kind would never accept her. I’m crushed, but I have to walk away, don’t I?

Also Available:

Forbidden Mage: Payton Rome

Cursed Vampire (Season 4: Hidden Hearts)

She was his best friend’s girl…

QUINTON: Heading to Coventon with my progeny, I never expected to run into Melissa. A lifetime ago she was my best friend’s progeny and lover – and I was attracted to her then. Now, she’s here and she’s single — and I can’t stop thinking about her… wanting her. Then he showed up…

MELISSA: Quinton was my maker’s best friend decades ago. When he showed up at Sanguine for the Vampire’s Samhain Ball I practically choked on my drink. He seemed more regal, built, and gorgeous than I remembered him – and I’m pretty sure he’s flirting with me even though he brought along some perky blonde. To make matters more difficult, my maker, James, just showed up, too – alone – and he’s trying to get back together with me. I know who I want, but I also have loyalties…

Also Available:

Cursed Mage: Payton Rome