Thirteen Covens Academy (PNR, RH, Dark UF)

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During my travels through coven territory last year, I learned that there was an academy where all the wealthier residents of Haileyville, New York (and surrounding Tri-County Area) sent their high-school and college-aged kids. It’s like a prep-school and magickal college all in one. With Lisa Spears being sent to the Academy at the end of Cult of Lucifuge, after having received The Mark for disregarding coven law, I thought it would be interesting to find out more about this academy. Enter Jessie Blackwood, the daughter of Thaddeus Blackwood’s estranged, and now deceased, brother (who you find out has passed on at the end of Thirteen Covens: Darkness). Writing Jessie helped me find a place of redemption for Thaddeus. But it also helped me to learn more about this academy and what it’s like to be COVEN BORN. What it’s like to have a destiny, and to grapple with the expectations of those who love you, trying to figure out who you are and what you want, what your place in the world is, all while coming of age and falling in love.

I hope Academy fans come to love the covens as much as I do, and I hope existing Thirteen Covens fans will fall in love with these stories, too. Without further ado – welcome to the Thirteen Covens Academy!

NOTE- This series stands alone and does NOT require following the Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens (Bloodlines) series. However, for existing TC fans, you might enjoy this series as well and you can see how it fits into the series overall by visiting the Thirteen Covens page.

Coven Born: Thirteen Covens Academy

Not being a witch isn’t an option when you’re Coven Born.

I wasn’t raised a witch. I didn’t even know I was coven-born until my parents died, allegedly from a curse. After being uprooted from San Francisco and moved across the country to Upstate New York to live with my uncle, I was thrust into a world of witches and magick. Yeah – real witches and real magick. IKR? Now, my eccentric uncle and other relatives believe I have some kind of rare magick, and the only way to find out is by sending me to the prestigious Thirteen Covens Academy where I will be trained to ‘meet my potential’, whatever that means.

Great – a school full of rich, snooty kids.

I have bigger things to worry about than my alleged rare witch powers. First – there’s Carrie Ambrose – the resident mean girl who calls me ‘charity case’ and keeps trying to get a lock of my hair. Second – the fact that Blaine Adams, the hottest, most popular (and jerkiest) guy at school asked me out, much to the fury of Carrie and every other popular girl. Third – the rumors that my entire family is cursed and the only reason I’m alive is because the coven is doing spells to protect me.

My only ally (and that’s being generous) is the queen of the outcasts, Lisa Spears, who’s “serving time “at the academy after doing something the coven high council didn’t like. Despite the mark she wears, or the insults from the other students – she has an entourage of cute guys she hangs out with at lunch, including the awkward, nerdy guy Eric – who’s always flirting with me. And the awkward, goth guy, Gary – who’s always flirting with me. And the awkward metal-head, Josh – who’s always flirting with me.

I’ll be eighteen soon – old enough to decide if I want to be Initiated into my family coven, stick with the Academy, and its chaos, until I graduate, or leave my entire family and its legacy behind.

This isn’t going to be an easy choice.


Coven Society: Thirteen Covens Academy

Rules are meant to be broken…

In my short time as a witch I’ve learned there are at least eight laws that magicians and witches must abide in order to live peacefully in coven society:

One: Don’t mix with rival covens.

Two: Do what your coven says.
Three: Follow the magickal courtesies.

Four: Never, ever, show, teach, or involve women of The Watch in magick. 

Five: Don’t do necromancy. Ever.

Six: Don’t piss off anyone in Ashtaroth Briarwood.

Seven: Don’t let the town Seer read for you.

Eight: Don’t fall in love with more than one guy at a time.

I’ve never been very good at playing by the rules, which could make finishing my first year at The Academy a nightmare. Now, aside from worrying about my magickal education, making friends inside my own coven, juggling three relationships, and navigating initiations – I have nine curses to find.  

Keeping it all from blowing up in my face… that’s another matter entirely.


Coven Cursed: Thirteen Covens Academy

Hell hath no fury like a coven scorned….

The Order is trying to change things, but I’m afraid it’s futile. Every time I think I’m making headway, things get worse. Just when I thought  Eric, Josh, and Gary could get along, James shows up. He’s rude and arrogant, and coven approved, which makes me hate him even more. So why can’t I stop having visions of us together, carnally, during an Asmodai Rite? My horrific love life aside, the rest of my life is even more complicated.
One of my friend’s has magick she can’t control and I have a new, dead friend who doesn’t respect boundaries. Even worse, our former housekeeper has been cursed along with my coven. Haileyville, New York is gearing up for an all out witch war. But wait, there’s more! My friend Renn’s ex boyfriend seems to be the center of it all, and now, instead of fighting curses, I may have to cast one. The Academy is in chaos and my best friend, Lisa, has disappeared.

Maybe if I’d known how terrifying living in a town full of witches actually was, I would have packed up and high-tailed it back to California the second I turned eighteen. It’s too late now. I’m in the thick of it – potentially a dead-woman walking. I’ve chosen my side. Now I have to sit back and see which sides my friends and lovers choose. FML.