Goetic Witch Mysteries (Women’s Paranormal Cozy/UF)

Samagina Montgomery loved her life as a Hollywood event planner. But when circumstances force her back to her hometown in Massachusetts, Sam must face a family legacy she’s been running from all her life even though it may get her killed.

The Goetic Witch Mysteries are cozy mystery/women’s paranormal fiction featuring an older heroine who solves murders, a talking cat, Goetic Daemons, and plenty of paranormal shenanigans.


Everyone has their Daemons.

I just happen to have more than most. I’m Samigina Montgomery. Middle-aged, former event planner to the stars, and witch-in-denial. At forty-five, I’ve just inherited a house full of ghosts, a talking cat named Sebastian, the family grimoire, and a barn with a body in it. Now that I’ve meddled in the killer’s affairs and discovered a growing body count, I’m next on their hitlist. If I want to live, it’s time for me to finally face my childhood Daemons head on — and ask for their help.

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The Goetic Witch Mysteries:
Aiming for Trouble
2. Murmurs of Necromancy — Coming in 2023
3. Path of the Seere
4. For Whom the Bael Tolls
5. Murder in Barbatos
6. A Purson of Interest

Other books that feature Samigina Montgomery:

A Purloined Solstice

Thirteen Witches. One Ancient Book. One Big Problem.

I’m Samigina Montgomery, and let’s just say I like my witchcraft solitary. Just me, my divine intelligences (Daemons), and my cat. Then Sarah, my aunt’s Wiccan friend, shows up and tells me she needs help putting together the NCW conference, and my past life as an event planner in Hollywood seals the deal.

Even though I can think of a better way to spend my holiday, I’m in a Massachusetts hotel, surrounded by weirdos, awaiting a solstice ritual from the ancient Solaris Libri. What could possibly go wrong?

The Goetic Witch Mysteries feature a mid-forties heroine, a talking cat, and plenty of paranormal happenings.