Days 1-6 : A Rough Start #DoMagick

I have been focusing on trying to keep my stress levels down this month just because I know how bad January was. This month could be worse since by the end of it, we should be moving all the other Continue reading Days 1-6 : A Rough Start #DoMagick

When Life Requires Prioritization #scheduling #spoons

Recently it came to my attention that some folks have mistaken my dedication to my own work, and minding my own business, as not having the time to be bothered with participating in online occult discussions. While I don’t owe Continue reading When Life Requires Prioritization #scheduling #spoons

Another God-Damn Post About Millennials #generations #crazyoldlady

“The current generation will be the death of us all!” – said of every generation by the previous generation. I keep reading article after article bitching about millennials.  That is, the generation born after mine (Gen X). I’ve concluded, after Continue reading Another God-Damn Post About Millennials #generations #crazyoldlady

For Writers: How to Keep Reading While Writing

::Yes, two reading posts one after the other. I’ve really been focused on reading this year.:: At twenty-three, fresh out of college and trying to make a go of my writing career, I was burnt out on reading. After all, Continue reading For Writers: How to Keep Reading While Writing

Castles!!! #throwbackthursday


Everyone loves pictures of castles! 15 years ago, my husband and I did a touristy trip to Southern England. I don’t have a proper scanner for our photos, but with the wonders of modern technology (aka my phone), I took Continue reading Castles!!! #throwbackthursday