New Release: Four Daemon Queens

In Four Daemon Queens, discover the transformational power of working with Hecate, Lilith, Tezrian, and Delepitoré. This grimoire covers a wide range of workings with these Divine Intelligences and offers inspiration to those looking to connect with the divine feminine. Continue reading New Release: Four Daemon Queens

Daemon Directory Android App Released

Welcome to the latest project Darkerwood Publishing Group has been working on. Daemon Directory, an official app from, is a compendium of 100 daemons that traditional Daemonolaters work with most often. Entries for each daemon includes purposes, enns (invocations), Continue reading Daemon Directory Android App Released

Focus Meditation 29: Freewriting #DoMagick

Meditation Title: More Freewriting! Technique: Ever since completing The Artists Way Workshop, I have found morning pages (basically a daily freewriting practice) to be an extra beneficial type of meditation that I’ve added to my daily practice. I usually spend Continue reading Focus Meditation 29: Freewriting #DoMagick

Focus Meditation 18: Guided #DoMagick

Meditation Title: More Guided Meditation Technique: Sometimes you don’t want to have to drag yourself through a meditation. Instead, you want someone else to take you on a journey. To just relax your mind and allow whoever (or whatever) is Continue reading Focus Meditation 18: Guided #DoMagick