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Reading Order: Thirteen Covens

Because the Thirteen Covens universe has gotten so big in a short amount of time, I thought I’d make a post sharing the reading order of Thirteen Covens, especially if you’re new to the series.

It is a beast, but hopefully this little guide will help.

To recap for anyone who might be lost in the series – here’s the reading order (as I don’t know this is a series where you could start in the middle without being completely lost). You can either start with Bloodlines Part One (or A Rising Damp if you want the novellas individually), Thirteen Covens: Coven Born, or Outer Darkness (OTS 1) You’ll want to stick to the order of things though because the story is better that way :

So it goes (These ones have the dark blue covers):

A Rising Damp
Temple Apophis
Lucifer’s Haven
Shadow Marbas
The Watch
Ba’al Collective
Order of Eurynome

Those above seven books make up Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens: Bloodlines Part One which is the compilation novel. They are also available individually in Audio Book. This novel, which includes all of the above seven novellas, is on Kindle Unlimited!

Then you have (also available in KU – these ones have the teal covers):

Blackrose Coven
Temple Dagon
Cult of Lucifuge
Temple of the Magi (Forthcoming)
Circle of the Black Moon (forthcoming)
Ashtaroth Briarwood (forthcoming)
Tiamat Leviathan (forthcoming)

Once the second set of 7 stories are done, they will be compiled in paperback and ebook as Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens: Bloodlines Part Two. I am not sure when the audiobooks for those will be finished.

In between Temple Dagon and Cult of Lucifuge, you have the TC-OTS Crossover novel (also in KU with all the OTS novels), Thirteen Covens: Darkness, where Liz Tanner from the OTS series heads to Haileyville.

Whilst Liz is in Haileyville in Thirteen Covens: Darkness, Thaddeus Blackwood gets some bad news, which is followed up on in Temple of the Magi, which lines up and gives some additional insight into the start of the spinoff series THIRTEEN COVENS ACADEMY: Coven Born (Book one).

Side note here – you can read Thirteen Covens Academy by itself without delving into Thirteen Covens: Bloodlines, and you can read the TC Bloodlines series by itself without delving into OTS or TC Academy. The TC-OTS crossover novel, Thirteen Covens: Darkness, can be read as part of the TC series, but may not be as enjoyable to people not simultaneously following the OTS series and vice versa. I really wrote that one for the fans of both series.

Please also note that I am slowly putting together a Thirteen Covens White Pages for readers. It will be a free PDF. The White Pages will help you look up any character and find out which coven they’re in. Please note that this is not the same as The Watch Notes and other goodies you’ll find in the back of the Bloodlines books.

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