The Ordo Templi Serpentis (OTS) Series (Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Mystery)

A Reader’s Choice nominated series…

The Ordo Templi Serpentis (OTS) Mysteries fall somewhere between cozy mysteries with an occult/supernatural twist, and urban fantasy. The story follows magus Elizabeth Tanner and her friends, as she navigates Denver’s underground occult scene. In each story, Liz and company find themselves sought after to help solve murders, kidnappings, and  supernatural phenomena. The twist? Liz works and communicates with Daemons and her best friend, Alyssa, is the happiest Satanist on planet earth.

This is currently the scope of the series and the order in which they should (ideally) be read.

** Note that WITHIN DARKNESS is the paperback collection of all the novellas up through When Good Angels Go Bad.

Audrey OTS Series