2018 Publishing Schedule (Tentative) #goals

2017 was a bust for me. From June onward I was so busy focusing on in-person signings, conventions, parties and public speaking, that actual writing took a back seat while I juggled communication, planning, marketing, and prep work for said Continue reading 2018 Publishing Schedule (Tentative) #goals

December Meditation Challenge Research #DoMagick

As someone who regularly meditates 15-20 minutes a night, usually a half hour before bed, this challenge has actually been hard for me with regard in deciding how to approach it. How can I put a spin on something I’ve Continue reading December Meditation Challenge Research #DoMagick

Keeping Silent: Shutting Your Mouth For Every Occasion

I started working with Daemons back in 1984. I was a stupid, smart-assed, know it all kid back then.  I read every book I could find on the subject, coined myself an occult expert among all my friends, and considered Continue reading Keeping Silent: Shutting Your Mouth For Every Occasion