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December Meditation Challenge Research #DoMagick

As someone who regularly meditates 15-20 minutes a night, usually a half hour before bed, this challenge has actually been hard for me with regard in deciding how to approach it. How can I put a spin on something I’ve been doing with regularity for years?

The answer was right in front of my face. A few weeks back I was having lunch with a writer friend and we were talking about writing and procrastination – and Meditation. She told me about a book she was reading (or rather listening to) that suggested one take fifteen minutes and meditate on that one thing you need to get done. See, apparently our brains are wired to procrastinate. We already know we’re going to procrastinate before we even do it. It’s a subconscious thing, and the more we procrastinate, the more likely we are to continue with that behavior. This is why some people will find other, busy work to do instead of the thing they should be doing. Like emptying the dishwasher and vacuuming the floors instead of writing. This is particularly bad when one works from home or works for oneself and there are plenty of distractions to keep us from doing the task(s) we don’t necessarily want to do for whatever reason.

The solution is to sit for fifteen minutes (or 30 as the challenge wants us to do) and focus on the task that needs to be done. Allegedly this boosts productivity and helps most people realign their focus. I am usually good with productivity in general because I never have a shortage of things to do with regard to my writing career. However – my productivity has been a bit lax as of late (especially in the editing department) and since I am going to have 1-2 books to finish and 1-3 going into editing in December, this leaves me in a good position to move my meditation practice to the morning (or right before I start working on a project, early evening). I want to see if it keeps me off my urge to find other things to do other than editing/revision. It’s not even that I hate editing/revision. I love the process. But admittedly it can be more difficult work than the writing itself, and it’s often the stage where I begin doubting my ability as a writer and whether or not I’m any good. Which is probably why I’ve been avoiding it at all costs.

So I think  this is going to be my magickal experiment for the #DoMagick Meditation Challenge in December. To see if I can curb procrastination and improve productivity in general by moving my practice to right before I begin my writing related work, and by meditating for thirty minutes on that work needing to be done.

The hardest part, I think, is still going to be blogging every day.

Putting THIS LINK here for my future reference. I might have to try this one.

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