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#Nanowrimo 2017

So Wednesday (I guess that’s today) begins National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo, or sometimes Nano, to the seasoned veterans out there). For anyone writing a novel in November, that means approximately 1,700 words a day for thirty straight days. The goal is to reach 50,000 words, which is the minimum threshold for a short commercial novel.

This month I’m working on getting the bones of Falling From Grace into the word processor. I have my outline, but since I’m at the office today, and today starts open enrollment (for health insurance) I’ve been a busy little bee. Tonight I will attempt my first 1,700 words and I’m shooting for 6,000 tomorrow (just to help me get a good start, because we all know that things crop up.

Other to-do’s for tomorrow include royalty reports, a bank run, going over one audio book and and the beginning of another,  making dinner, and modifying some pictures for my sister. But none of that should occupy me more than four hours. It’s time to switch on the Dragon and start writing.  I can usually manage 1500 per hour. At that rate I should be able to finish my 6,000 words in 4 hours. That’s a solid 8 hour day right there. Also in November I am doing some research for the December #Domagick meditation challenge and I’ve talked to my guides about helping me to finish these rituals for DPM and start putting it all together.  I may even need to sit down and finish my MS markup for ETG. With any luck I can get two books (possibly 3) into editing in December/January, meaning I should be able to ring in the new year with a minimum of three new releases.

I am audio-booked out. But after Ba’al Collective – I have one more! Order of Eurynome.  I am about 1,800 words into Blackrose Coven, but admittedly I have no idea where it’s going. So I’ll just write on that as inspiration strikes for the moment. I need to focus on getting these other three projects off my plate.

So that’s where I’m at this November 1, 2017.

Three Lenormand cards to see what I need to know about this month:

  • TOWER – I need to plan, lead (since I will get no help), and learn to say NO.
  • STORK – Be flexible. Start something new.
  • FISH – Everything in moderation and follow my intuition. Don’t overspend this month!

I won’t go into a deeper reading here. This is pretty straight forward. I know what needs to be done, so I need to focus and do that.  Everything else can wait.

Steph is an award winning and bestselling author of thrilling steamy and paranormal romances, dark urban fantasy, occult horror-thrillers, cozy mysteries, contemporary romance, sword and sorcery fantasy, and books about the esoteric and Daemonolatry. A Daemonolatress and forever a resident of Smelt Isle, she is happily married and cat-mom to three pampered house cats. Her muse is a demanding sadistic Dom who often keeps her up into the wee hours of the morning. You can contact her at

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