Day 7 – One Week – Slow Progress #DoMagick

So the first week is down and I have nothing overly exciting to show for it, yet. I did some advertising and some prep for this weekend’s FB event.  I also started some promo’s and I’ll need to put out a couple of newsletters this month. I have noticed that in the past two months I’ve been spending at least an hour a day on email and PM’s so I brought my personal assistant back to the mix. I try to keep costs low by only hiring him when I need him. Well, he was needed. He has been retained again as of yesterday and I’m amazed at how much time I have already recovered (just today!) as a result.

Today’s card is The Chariot – ruled by Cancer (my sun sign) representing success and suggesting focus will be required. Ain’t that the truth.

Beyond this, on the magick front, I did my daily practice and nightly meditation, though technically, I do that anyway and it doesn’t really seem worth mentioning for the challenge. Not that it’s a separate thing, but meditation on work days is used to bring my vibration back down to that less stressful state.

Since it was an outside office day, not much else got done.

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