Day 8: Moving Again #DoMagick

I feel that so far, my posts have been rather banal. But then real magick isn’t always about exciting revelation, quick changes, and physical manifestation of the Daemonic. Sometimes it is slow and plodding and there’s not much going on but thinking, small baby steps with regard to follow-through,  well-placed placed prayers and offerings, and small magickal actions. This is how I feel right now. My magick isn’t bold and sweeping at the moment, but then I suppose it doesn’t need to be. I go with my intuition a lot of the time and do what’s necessary WHEN it is necessary.

Today I pulled the Three of Pentacles for the day bringing up the topics of assistance, planning, cooperation (teamwork) and employment. It’s interesting that this came up.

Assistance – Yesterday, I brought back my assistant, Frank, who I hadn’t needed for awhile. But upon examining my situation, I was shocked to discover I was spending as little as five hours a week (many times seven or more) answering reader email. That’s five hours I could be using to write or do other important and necessary writing/publishing to-do’s. Remember, writing is not a hobby for me or something I twiddle with in my free time. It’s my actual job and how I keep a roof over my family’s head. So five hours spent answering questions that could easily be researched on the Internet, or found in one of my blog posts or books. Between today and yesterday, seeing what’s coming in and watching Frank deal with it in real time, he’s already saved me about three hours, which I’m VERY grateful for.

Planning –  I decided I need to get back to journaling. I did so well journaling for over a year and it really kept me organized. I am re-starting my journal today for the coming weekend so I have a clear path to getting more accomplished. When you have goals – you need organization. And writing things down, for me, is the best way to stay organized. I always feel I have firmer footing. I fell out of journaling this spring because things kind of spiraled out of control. Now it’s time to redirect myself and get back on the path of organization. I really hate being disorganized.

Cooperation – Never underestimate the power of groups. People are awesome and will help you promote your work if you just ask. Today I posted an ad for a book I have on sale for .99 cents at the moment (Training Amy on Amazon), and people in the groups it was posted to (all fiction) were happy to promote the sale, resulting in a wonderful jump in numbers for that book. I need to remember not to dismiss the power of cooperation, especially by those who are more than happy to promote what they love with others.

Employment – I’ve actually been praying and leaving offerings for some help with my husband finding steady work that he enjoys, and with people he enjoys. Many of my readers know that he took a sabbatical from a regular day job to do consulting and to go back to school to brush up on some new technology. Well, his sabbatical is up, and it’s time for him to let go of the consulting gig. He has been a consultant for years, but the work is sporadic. Luckily he’s been taking classes and learning new things in between the gigs, but through all of this, he’s learned that he’s not a stay at home kinda guy. He gets cabin fever and has decided going back to a regular steady job is what he wants to do. We have already seen positive signs here and I couldn’t be happier with the speed and manifestation. I didn’t expect results so quickly. But then I never do, even though time and time again, I tend to get these kinds of results when it comes to job magick for others. LOL  I guess I’ll always be a skeptic at heart, which is why I experiment so much.

On that note – today I decided not to go see my terminal friend who is now in a medically induced coma, and will be until the end. This time, her last days, are for her family and close friends and I don’t want to intrude on that. I had a dream about her the night before last and she was happy and alive (and looked healthy, young, vibrant) and she was smiling and saying to me, “I’m free! I’m finally free!” This makes me believe that her consciousness may have already ascended her physical body. Now we’re just waiting for the shell to cease functioning. That sounds so clinical, and even harsh, doesn’t it? But that’s how it is. None of us is guaranteed another day and death is the natural conclusion to life. So be it. I find comfort in the idea that she is separated from her physical body now and has gone back to all that is.

There was another reason I didn’t go today and that’s deadlines. I have so many deadlines past that need to be dealt with. That meant final edits on one novella, and getting another ready for the editor, while I finish up a third. And I’m still putting off ETG edits, but plan on working on this this weekend. My hope is that by tonight I can finish Thirteen Covens #6 and send it to my editor for initial edits before sending it to the beta readers.

What about spells? Yeah, tonight I did some work with a tablet I made for this month’s magickal work.   Included on it are symbols and sigils with personal significance to my situation. I anointed it with an oil made of frankincense and cinnamon and charged it. The idea is to keep this on the altar during the work I’m doing. You can see I baked the clay a few minutes too long. The green signifies both abundance and creative work.


That’s really it for today. I still plan on doing my nightly meditation at which time I will likely medidtate on my tablet some more and do some ascension work for guidance. I still have yet to do the attraction spell between novels + success. But that’s because the novella I wanted to finish isn’t quite done yet. Going to go work on that for the next hour. Have a great night everyone.


Steph is an award winning and bestselling author of thrilling steamy and paranormal romances, dark urban fantasy, occult horror-thrillers, cozy mysteries, contemporary romance, sword and sorcery fantasy, and books about the esoteric and Daemonolatry. A Daemonolatress and forever a resident of Smelt Isle, she is happily married and cat-mom to three pampered house cats. Her muse is a demanding sadistic Dom who often keeps her up into the wee hours of the morning. You can contact her at

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