Summoning the Muse #DoMagick

Today I’m going to share with you my “Summoning the Muse” ritual that I’ll be performing every day in August as part of the #DoMagick Challenge for August 2018. For those of you who are creatives, I encourage you to join Continue reading Summoning the Muse #DoMagick

Twisted Temptations 1 **HOT EROTICA** #bdsm #erotica

TWISTED TEMPTATIONS 1: Deflowered These tales, originally penned under the nom de plume Ella Marquis, bring together four of Anne O’Connell’s tales of innocence lost, initially branded as Twisted Tales. In Punishment, Desires, Secrets, and School, meet four young women Continue reading Twisted Temptations 1 **HOT EROTICA** #bdsm #erotica

Things Are About to Get Cryptic #domagick

I caught myself red-handed. There I was saying to myself, “I have just as good a chance as any! I’m successful! ” And then crippling self-sabotage rolled in and scoffed at me. “Ha! You think you’re good enough? Do you Continue reading Things Are About to Get Cryptic #domagick

Why I Don’t Blog About Magick (But Probably Should)

Someone asked me again today why I don’t blog much about magick. Usually when I’m talking Daemonolatry on this blog or at the .org, I’m talking about the spiritual end of things, or The Great Work. Sometimes I talk technique Continue reading Why I Don’t Blog About Magick (But Probably Should)