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Daemonolater’s Guide to Sex, Money, and Power

moneywomenpowerThis booklet wasn’t something I took lightly to writing.  I wrote it in response to the growing number of people (most of them Christians) who contact me expecting that for $50, I can make Satan and the Daemonic bring them sex, money, and power. It was a similar issue with my book Daemonic Pacts. So I was like, “Okay, the Daemonic can help with these things, but not in the way most ignorant people think. As sad as it may be, this booklet is actually needed.”

Alas – Sex, Money, and Power was born. A “quick-fix-it” guide to getting all the sex, money, and power you want. Of course for those who aren’t dabblers, you’ll notice it’s not at all surfac-y, or a quick-fix. Some of the self-work in this book can take years and years to get through depending on how damaged the magician (or dabbler as the case may be) is to start with. Clearly some folks are far more damaged than others.

A funny (or perhaps terrifying, I’m not sure which) side note to that — a Christian actually wrote me yesterday complaining that these 23 pages were TOO much work! The chicken-shit was just hoping he could offer up his family to the Daemons to get all the wealth, power, and women he wants. He wasn’t even willing to offer up himself. At least some folks are willing to give up their own soul. ::eye roll::  How’s that for a lazy fuck?

So all of that said – here is the official blurb: Do you want sex, money, and power? Are you willing to work with Daemons to do it? In the chapbook Sex, Money, & Power, S. Connolly directs those who want to use sorcery to gain all they desire with the power of the Daemonic. Inside, find Daemonic magick for wealth, fame, opportunity, sex, power, and influencing others!

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Steph is an award winning and bestselling author of thrilling steamy and paranormal romances, dark urban fantasy, occult horror-thrillers, cozy mysteries, contemporary romance, sword and sorcery fantasy, and books about the esoteric and Daemonolatry. A Daemonolatress and forever a resident of Smelt Isle, she is happily married and cat-mom to three pampered house cats. Her muse is a demanding sadistic Dom who often keeps her up into the wee hours of the morning. You can contact her at


  • Chris M

    Okay question. Why don’t magicians use their power in things like divination,such as tarot, skrying, or necromancy, to see the future and then make lots of money by betting on sporting events, gambling, or playing the stock market? I understand that not everyone is money driven, wants excessive wealth, or has the desire to be millionaires.I know there are lots of people who are content without all of that. But I have heard, on more than one ocassion, of magicians complaining of not having enough money, or expressing desire for more money, or talking about how they dislike the job they work at, and I’m like wtf? I don’t understand.

    • Steph

      Some do. But those are never the people you hear complaining about money. The people who complain they don’t have enough money are generally those who are magicians in name only (image magicians) – or they’re not magicians at all.

      Also – not all magicians have the ability for divination, and oftentimes, divination doesn’t work like that. The gift is not always that “direct”. However, I have known plenty of people who have used magick to win bets, the lottery, and do well in the stock market. Because not everyone has that “talent”, not everyone can do that kind of magick. An important thing to remember is that none of this usually creates lasting wealth anyway.

      People who complain they don’t have enough money usually have no base money management skills, so even if they won the lottery – they’d be broke before too long anyway because of this. So gambling and games of chance are only temporary wins. This kind of magick is great for boosts (if one can pull it off – and that varies from magician to magician), but little else. A wise magician finds a road to lasting wealth. Many have – you just may never hear of them because they’re not the ones running around bitching how magick doesn’t manifest for them. LOL It does and it has.

      As for people bitching about their jobs – even those of us who love what we do have off days where we bitch about our job. LOL! I love my job, and there are days I bitch about it. But then I get over whatever is annoying me and we go down the road. There’s no such thing as a “perfect” job that won’t test your patience. It’s the people who bitch about their job constantly who I wonder about. Usually they stay because they’re afraid they won’t make the same kind of money, or they’re concerned they’re too old to start over someplace else. But really – I don’t see why they don’t use magick to change their situation. They can. But they have to want to. 🙂

      So I guess my point is you’d likely have to ask the magicians you are wondering about in order to understand why they’re not using magick to change their situation. That’s really on them; not those of us who have used magick to manifest the lives we want.

  • Anonymous

    S. Connolly I  am seeking an answer regarding your book. Sex, Money and Power. I am a 20 years and haven’t worked in my life before. My budget worksheet will obviously be empty but I would like to find a job that suits me. Is it possible to call on Belphegor to help me find a job? even though my budget worksheet is empty?

    And also regarding drawing confidence through Astaroth. Can the prayer alone be done without facing Southwest or is it a must to face Southwest, even if there’s no alter? Can you use the prayer everyday since its so short and can be squeezed in a little time? I’m seeking clarity. Thank you very much for this small master piece. Lots of love!

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