Banish the Bitch! #magick #banishment #demonolatry

As stated in last month’s post about meditation, people often misunderstand my position on things because they may have only read a single book or two of mine. To fully understand my positions, however, it is often necessary to read my Continue reading Banish the Bitch! #magick #banishment #demonolatry

Book of Agares #magick #daemonic

Book of Agares: A Manifestation Grimoire   S. Connolly Have you ever wished you could have a single talisman or magickal item that you could use to bring about success in every area of your life? Something that would bring Continue reading Book of Agares #magick #daemonic

New DB Publishing Guidelines

Updated DB Publishing Guidelines (They were needed sooner rather than later.) Due to the high volume of unprofessional first time authors, we now only accept agented manuscripts or manuscripts from established authors. Manuscripts should be edited for grammar and spelling Continue reading New DB Publishing Guidelines

Daemonolater’s Guide to Sex, Money, and Power

This booklet wasn’t something I took lightly to writing.  I wrote it in response to the growing number of people (most of them Christians) who contact me expecting that for $50, I can make Satan and the Daemonic bring them Continue reading Daemonolater’s Guide to Sex, Money, and Power