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    A friend of mine (non-occultist) who is truly amazing at reaching her goals, often pauses in her day, takes a deep breath, sets her intention firmly in her mind, and says one word, “Manifesting.” Whether she realizes it or not, she’s practicing magick. She is causing changes to conform to her will. She is manifesting her intent simply by grounding…

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    When Magick Doesn’t Work #magick #Daemonolatry

    Sometimes, despite our best efforts and intentions, magick doesn’t work in a situation. Especially situations where you’re influencing other people. Even seasoned magicians have this problem at times (though most likely won’t admit it). I’ve learned over the years how to tell if the magick I’m considering is going to work or not, and I pick and choose my magickal battles…

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    Lucifer’s Haven #thirteencovens

    New in the Thirteen Covens Saga: The Lucifer’s Haven elders took in newcomer Connie Hudson the day she arrived. But the mentor assigned her, Jason, senses something off about the demur twenty-something blond from Boston. As if her bizarre behavior and strange questions aren’t enough, none of The Haven’s younger members can find any trace of the mysterious newcomer’s former…