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Summoning 22: Oh My! #DoMagick

My ritual this morning went as usual. Nothing unusual to report except my knees feel better. Must be all the stretchy goodness.

Found out today that my sister and brother-in-law will be coming into town Sunday and staying over. We don’t know if it will be one night or several. This, of course, means we should at least make some small effort to clean up the house a little. Not that our house is messy, but we have areas of clutter that we should clear up. Like the island in the kitchen. The floors could use a good vacuuming and I should do some dusting. Plus the main bathroom – I need to clear the counters of all my lotions etc… Give them a little space to work.

So after some light chores I said screw it and took a night off from videos and Matt and I enjoyed some Babylon 5.  Again, plenty done today so I have no guilt for no writing done.

I am slowly learning to appreciate all the to-do’s. My friend Corinne said something earlier this week that hit me. It was something about being a “busy” person vs. being more flexible and present and living a more purposeful life. It has me thinking about how I think about my schedule. I think maybe I’ve been a “busy” person jumping from one to-do list item to the next, living for the next to-do. That has to change.

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