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Thirteen Covens: Bloodlines #thirteencovens #occultfiction

Update 10/23/2018: Thirteen Covens: Bloodlines Part One is a 2018 CIPA EVVY Award Winner!!

I promised those who prefer to read in paperback that I would put out the first 7 Thirteen Covens novellas in paperback once I finished the 7th novella. It was probably for the best since the story as it now stands is over 100K in length, which is a beefy sized novel. Had I waited to the end, I could potentially have something the size of Stephen King’s The Stand. While I’ll likely do a collectors edition (in hardcover) of Bloodlines as a complete set later on (probably by 2020), for now I’ve split the paperbacks into 7 stories each.  Those of you who are into the series know that each smaller story is part of the larger story. I have talked about my inspiration for Thirteen Covens in past posts.

Then a friend said to me, “You know, the cover on this one is far more eye catching. If you do an ebook compilation of Bloodlines Book One and eventually Book Two, you could attract a lot of new readers.” So I said, “What the hell!?” and agreed with her.  For those who have purchased each individual novella and have followed the story from the beginning – thank you! I am going to continue to release each novella as it comes out, so don’t worry. The Bloodlines paperbacks and ebooks do contain some bonus material at the end (to help readers keep the characters straight) .

Those of you waiting on audiobooks, hang onto your hats! I will be getting with my narrator soon to make arrangements for that. You still have to get the audiobooks individually. They’re just more affordable for me to make them that way. And I’ll continue to release each part of the story chapter by chapter until all fourteen are done (for those of you who don’t want to wait).

This said – here is the information on Thirteen Covens: Bloodlines Part One

All of them, witches…

Welcome to Haileyville, New York, an all-American town at the epicenter of an Upstate tri-county area known for supernatural phenomena.

Evelyn Winters is still recovering from the night her grandma disappeared when she was forced to face a devil alone. Belinda Applegate can contact the denizens of hell and must learn to control the very power that could destroy her, while socially-awkward newcomer, Connie Hudson, intends to purge the town of non-believers. Across town, Jacob Mallory knew better than to desert his coven, because now they’re seeking revenge. Hidden deep in the forests outside Haileyville, Garrett Hammon will do anything to preserve the Sanderson bloodline, including human sacrifice. And the only people who seek out Order of Eurynome willingly, are the dying and the dead.

Overseeing it all, The Watchers lurk, always vigilant. It begins. Are you ready to choose a side?

Publishers Note- Includes: A Rising Damp, Temple Apophis, Lucifer’s Haven, Shadow Marbas, The Watch, Ba’al Collective, and Order of Eurynome. Also includes bonus content.

“Forget picking a side. We need score cards. When this series is done, the town will be a crater!” William Briar – author of Daemonic Shamanism

BUY NOW:  Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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