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Sunny Satan Arizona, Wolf & Samuel!

I figured I’d do one post for the two short stories and the novella that also released this month alongside Black Lily.  All of these are fun Halloween reads, some more adult than others.

WolfWOLFAnne O’Connell (Erotic Horror Short Fiction) : A weekend in the country for Jess and David seemed like the perfect getaway for unwinding before moving to Chicago to start their lives anew. It started out okay, but then there was a full moon and the werewolf appeared. It made its intentions well-known. Will Jess and David be able to escape with their lives?  This short story is ADULT ONLY.

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SAMUELAudrey Brice (Horror Short Fiction): The spirit board is just a game, right? That’s what Sarah thought until Laurie brought Samuel into her life. Samuel likes Laurie, but he quickly becomes problematic for Sarah. Can Sarah rid herself of Samuel before he destroys her?  This horror short is based on a true story. This short story is safe for teens and adults.Samual

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SUNNY SATAN ARIZONAAudrey Brice (Occult Novella): In this OTS novella, Magician Elizabeth Tanner takes her boyfriend home to Arizona to meet her parents for the first time, only to learn that missing pets and the rumors of a Satanic cult have the small town terrified. Can Liz and Mike help one of Liz’s childhood friends, now a deputy at the local sheriff’s department, get to the bottom of the mystery?  This novella is safe for teens and adults.

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