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My World Does Not Revolve Around You

This post is, in fact, for an ex-friend who thought my post Shove Your Drama was about her.  Clearly she didn’t see THIS POST that was actually meant for her that I posted earlier this year after several long and meandering visits to my websites, and, through the grape vine — lots of paranoia that I was allegedly cursing her and allegedly jealous of her.

My world does not revolve around you. It never has and it never will. Deal with it.

The only time you come up is when someone comes to me to tell me that you’re talking shit about me or you send me crazy e-mails, obsessively visit my website, or post ranting comments on my posts that have nothing to do with you.

You couldn’t compete with me even if you tried. We’re not even in the same league.

I really had hoped you’d moved on. But I guess you need that one good enemy to motivate you, huh? I completely understand that. Some people need a nemesis in order to thrive and take their minds off of themselves, their problems, and their lives. I’m sympathetic. I get it.

But here’s the thing — I don’t need a nemesis.  I do what I do whether you exist or not. I know that’s hard to hear and to believe (since I’m obviously a huge part of your life while you’re not a huge part of mine), but it’s true.

Maybe YOU need to move on. I moved on back in 2008. Again – I wish you well. Good luck with your life. 🙂

Steph is an award winning and bestselling author of thrilling steamy and paranormal romances, dark urban fantasy, occult horror-thrillers, cozy mysteries, contemporary romance, sword and sorcery fantasy, and books about the esoteric and Daemonolatry. A Daemonolatress and forever a resident of Smelt Isle, she is happily married and cat-mom to three pampered house cats. Her muse is a demanding sadistic Dom who often keeps her up into the wee hours of the morning. You can contact her at swordarkeereon@gmail.com


  • disirdevi

    You’re clearly the one who has paranoid delusions. I get defensive when you attack mentally “unstable” occult folks. You are mentally unstable yourself, ya know?

    I am pissed cos obviously, either you or your crowd are reporting my website on Facebook as “abusive.” Tell your “minions” to leave me the fuck alone. If I am left alone, I will leave YOU ALONE. I moved on despite what you think in your head.

    Just have to say this cos I am being mean – but your husband is fucked up too. He is weird, creepy and stupid for thinking that if you are a woman you should not travel alone. Who the fuck would want to rape you? Troll dyke.

  • disirdevi

    Also, my world never revolved around you. I put a lot of faith in you as a friend, I thought our friendship was ok and not toxic like you say.

    BTW – I am NOT stalking you. You know why? I did not read that post you made in February until TODAY.

  • Steph

    Well first of all NO ONE I know is doing anything to you or your website. Funny how you immediately think that it must be me and it never crossed your mind that maybe you pissed someone else off. It’s never you. Here we go with the lack of self-responsibility AGAIN. This is the first time you’ve come up since those last ranting e-mails you sent me. Remember the ones I had to actually threaten you with the police to get you to stop sending? So you thinking my friends (or I) live to report your website is laughable at best. I’m not even sure what the hell you’re talking about with the whole “travel alone” bit. Was that about doing magickal work out of state? Whatever. My DH and I are none of your business anyway and what that has to do with the price of tea in China I’ll never know. So don’t worry – that doesn’t offend me. I could care less what you think.

    Oh – and see #7 (again).

    Your comments speak for themselves. Thanks for posting them so we (and by we I mean my blog readers and friends) could have a good laugh. Now will you please, FINALLY go away?

    • disirdevi

      The river of de-nile. LOL.

      No wonder you can’t get pregnant. You aren’t meant to, fucking troll. You resort to vibrators since your man can’t please you. You write erotica, obviously you are missing dick.

      The bit about ‘women shouldn’t travel alone’ is from your site, about traveling.

      I’m pressing ‘stop.’ This is the end.

  • Steph

    Promise? This is like the 20th time you’ve said this is “The End” and yet you still won’t go away.

    I like how, once again, you have no intelligent response to anything I have said and so you resort to name calling and trying to stick it to me by bringing up my infertility and attacking my relationship with my husband. Jealous much? Very mature. (Oh, and none of that offended me either. You have to care about a person to care what they think.)

    On the contrary – at least I sleep in the same room as my husband. 😉 And my sex life is absolutely fantastic, thank you. I write erotica because I enjoy it. Imagine that craziness. 🙂

    Good luck to you. Bye.

  • Steph

    ::Rolls eyes:: We HAVEN’T been fucking with you. How many times do I have to say it before you get it through your thick head? That shit is all in your head. If anything you bring it on yourself by stirring the shit (and involving me) by sending me emails, talking shit about me to whoever will listen, and posting idiotic comments on my blog. Even then, I still feel no need to fuck with you. I’m just tired of your emo-dramatic crap. Now really – go away already. LOL! Bye.

  • Nick

    Jennifer, how old are you? Grow up and let it go already. You haven’t come up in GenDem since you sent Steph the last batch of craziness in e-mail. You have a serious problem.

    • Disir Devi

      Nick asked me a question so I will reply.

      I am old enough to know better. I am in my early thirties. No, I don’t have a serious problem. You idiots think I’m a psychotic bitch or whatever or bipolar. I am NOT bipolar. My formal dx is major depression. And to set all of you straight, I DO NOT drink alcohol anymore. In fact it makes me sick.

      • Steph

        Well, we’re glad to hear you’ve cleaned yourself up then and I’m happy to hear your diagnosis has changed since 2008. You’re the one who told me you had a schizo-affective disorder and bi-polar before that. You’re also the one who professed your alcoholism to me. So if what we’re saying is wrong, it’s only because you gave us the wrong information to begin with. Just thought I’d point that fact out.

  • Penny

    Wait, does this mean I’m desperate and sexually frustrated, too? I write erotica and romance novels and am happily married with three kids. lol

  • Penny

    I have many play things and yes, I agree. It’s hard to imagine there are still people who are sexually repressed in this day and age. My publisher said they get letters all the time from Christian groups protesting their erotica novels and the use of sex toys in some of the novels.

  • Steph

    @Penny, that’s messed up. If they don’t like erotica or have something against toys then maybe they need to stop reading the books and just mind their own business. MFP doesn’t get mail like that. You can’t accidentally pick up a bdsm erotica novel. lol!

  • Disir Devi

    Let’s call it good and over with. Can we at least be allies? Not like friends, just bury the past and be mellow about things. I sort of regret what I said to you. It’s not really me anymore. I will retreat, keep my barbs away from you. If anyone says something bad about you or me, we should just dismiss it and not taunt each other with this bollocks. If anyone says shit about you to me, I will just say that “it’s not my business anymore.”

    • Steph

      Yes, I would absolutely agree to that. If we call a truce I’ll remove these posts and that will be the end of it. If you want to make sure I keep to my word you can even friend me on FB to make sure I’m not talking smack about you. It’s entirely up to you. I really have no ill will toward you and don’t want this to continue.

  • Disir Devi

    Agreed! Finally – something good. I really hate the energy it takes to be mad about things. I wouldn’t mind being friends on FB. That would shock the shit out of some people, I’m sure!

  • Steph

    Turns out this person decided that she didn’t want to bury the hatchet after all, since all she’s been doing for the last two months is knocking me and my books on her blog on a daily basis. So this post and others are now public again. Sorry, but I’m tired of being the bigger person. No more.

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