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The Demise of the 2011 Garden

So, many of you may have probably noticed I stopped posting about the garden the first part of July. For those who didn’t know, there’s a reason for this. We had a bit of a storm that took out the garden. It happens sometimes. ::shrug::  Luckily all my trees survived. So we shall try-try again next year. In the meantime you may see posts about my peppers and tomatoes. banana tree, lemon tree, and other indoor plants I’m currently growing. I am also going to try growing some magickal plants in the aeroponic garden early next year.  Probably all of my nightshades and poisonous fare.  We’ll see about the mandrake, too. Technically it should germinate no later than March if it’s going to.  If it doesn’t grow I might try new seeds in the aeroponic garden as well.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of experimenting with difficult germinaters. I will also try again with my tomatoes next spring though I might just transfer them to pots once they’re big enough and put them beneath a free standing grow-lamp in the house to start, then move them outside in May.

I am curious to see how it goes.  I am hoping we will finally have the greenhouse up next year. Busy work schedules made putting up the greenhouse this year almost impossible.

Enough of that. Now back to other things…

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