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    Focus Meditation 28: Qigong #DoMagick

    Meditation Title: More Qigong Technique: Qigong is similar to Tai Chi, except, IMHO, it’s a LOT easier to learn. Tai Chi, to me, is like trying to learn to dance because, it seems, the sequences move incredibly fast and there’s a LOT of choreography. Qigong, however, puts more emphasis on the rhythmic breathing, energy movement, relaxation, calm mind, and being…

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    Focus Meditation 27: Mantra #DoMagick

    Meditation Title: Mantra Technique: This is a meditation wherein the mantra or a word of power is vibrated (chanted) during the meditation. I’ve found it’s best to have a very quiet, private space for this because it will drive some spouses, roommates, neighbors etc… bonkers. A lot of people think of the word OM or AUM when they think of mantra…

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    Focus Meditation 26: Sigil #DoMagick

    Meditation Title: Sigils Technique: You can do this meditation one of two ways. First, you can bring a pre-made sigil into the temple with you, or you can draw it. You can randomly pick one, or choose one with intent or purpose. Once you’ve chosen your sigil, you take it into the ritual space with you, sit comfortably, and gaze…

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    Focus Meditation 23: Color #DoMagick

    Meditation Title: More Coloring! Technique: While you color and focus on patterns and color choices, make sure nothing else distracts you. Lose yourself in the act of adding color to the mandala. My Meditation: I will spend 30 minutes coloring. Meditation Resources: Try this one! Thoughts: This was a great way to spend some ME time this morning. Very enjoyable.

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    Focus Meditation 22: Listen #DoMagick

    Meditation Title: Listening (Silence) Technique: For today’s listening exercise let’s try listening to silence. The technique is this – make sure NO TECHNOLOGY is on anywhere in the house. Sit in a quit room – in complete silence. If silence is impossible where you are, find a place that is silent and free from televisions, radios, voices, stomping, and other…

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    Focus Meditation 21: Walking #DoMagick

    Meditation Title: More Walking Technique: The idea is to get some walking in, and to focus on your breath, your body, and being in the moment! Plus, walking is really good for you! My Meditation: Today I’m going to walk around the school Meditation Resources: Here’s a good article on why “mindful walking” (or just walking depending on your personal…

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    Focus Meditation 20: Reflect #DoMagick

    Meditation Title: Reflection Technique: Think of the quiet reflection time as a meditation where you silence all the “noise” around you, sit in the silence, enjoy the peace and quiet, and listen to your inner self. Notice how very rarely is ANY meditation about “nothing”. Meditation is more about being in the moment. Being very aware of being in the…

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    Focus Meditation 19: Yoga #DoMagick

    Meditation Title: Yoga (For Energy/Invigoration) Technique: See the video below. There are a ton of resources online where you can learn more invigorating Yoga poses! My Meditation: The mindfulness poses of last time were almost too relaxing for a morning meditation practice. And I don’t want to try a calming practice. I need something invigorating. So today I’m going to…