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A Week Off #amwriting #blogging

So one of the fabulous things about #DoMagick, is that it forces me to blog every day. That’s a good exercise in and of itself despite the fact that it takes time to blog. On the downside, I ended up needing a bit of a break. So I took about a week off from blogging. The good news is I was able to get my ducks in a row.

By ducks I mean,

  • Went to Comic Con (A huge success in that I met a lot of readers, and the OTS series, as well as the horror anthologies, got a lot of exposure. I grew my email list by twenty-five people as well. I managed to earn back my expenses to be there, which was also a plus!)
  • Collaborate on an article with a friend.
  • Get a jump on an article for a non-fiction anthology.
  • Put together a project “work list” for NovelRama at the end of July.
  • Spent some time with family.
  • Regroup with my writing and publishing schedule.
  • Finish some volunteer work for my writer’s group.
  • Do some Sorath work with my model.
  • Contemplate branding and graphics.
  • Drop off my consignment books for another event later this month.
  • Gauge my inventory and what I’ll need for the next signing event in September.

That was a lot for a week. Whew!  So you’re probably wondering how the schedule is going now that I’m three months overdue on Eagle’s Talon Gray (which is moving at a snail’s pace) among other projects. I am not sure about the non-fiction. I tend to work on that when the inspiration strikes. I prefer not to rush it. It all happens in its own time. The goal, however, is to have Daemonolater’s Guide #8: Daemonic Love Magick, Preeminent Curse, and Daemonic Prosperity Magick all out by the end of the year. There’s another project there in the works, but I’m keeping that to myself for the moment for when the mood strikes. I’ll release it rather randomly.

But as for the fiction, my goal is to have Twisted Temptations 2 out in July, ETG and Order of Eurynome out in August, Thirteen Covens: Bloodlines Book One out in September, Falling from Grace out in December, Illuminated Darkness out in March 2018, and a new book (with potential as a series) will premier next summer.  Expect more Tales from Black Lily and Home is Where the Haunt is in August/September. I know I’ve been slacking on those, but admittedly the freebies do hold me back from the books and series’ that people want.

Yes, Illuminated Darkness is slated to be the final book in the OTS series. I’ve loved writing them, but I would hate for Liz to outstay her welcome. On the upside there – I am leaving it open to continue the series later on if the readers insist on more Liz. I have plenty of ideas, but right now I’m writing for a very niche audience, and I think it’s time I move on to other stories after this one.

So – series’ that will end in 2017 and 2018 with the final books:

  • Sorcerers’ Twilight Series – ends with Eagle’s Talon’s Gray.
  • Gilded Lily Series – ends with Collaring Amy, which is slated for release sometime in 2018.
  • The OTS Series (also the Darkness series and the Liz Tanner series) – ending in Spring 2018
  • Seven Lustful Sins – ending in 2018 with the publication of the full collection in a single book.

The good news is that for Audrey Brice there are seven more Thirteen Covens novellas (culminating into Thirteen Covens: Bloodlines Part Two), and Thirteen Covens: Initiation, to look forward to. As well as more Haunted Cottage stories and a new book that may turn into a series IF people are interested enough in said book. For Anne O’Connell, once I’m done with Gilded Lily, Tales from Black Lily, and Falling from Grace, I thought I’d focus on more Dalliances with Demons (because I have fun writing them), and finally finish up the Castle Sedgebrook series with Her Demon Master.  On the S. J. Reisner front, I have two choices. I can either start the YA novel I’ve had brewing for a couple of years or work on the second Tribes of Tara. The first TT novel has sold a few hundred copies, but nothing substantial. I am not sure if continuing with a series that no one is really expecting is worth it. All signs point to the fact that while it may be a decent book, it’s not like anyone is chomping at the bit wanting more. Romance/Women’s Fiction isn’t really my cup of tea. I HAD to write Saving Sarah May. That story came to me in a dream a few years back and the story plagued me until I wrote it down. It was meant to be a stand-alone novel, not part of a series. The whole idea of turning it into a series actually came from my editors, and while they had me fired up to write two more books, that fire waned and now I’m not really sure I love the idea. I am more in love with my YA Paranormal idea anyway, which could turn into a series IF people are interested enough in the first one.

That’s the new goal for all future projects. To write the one book I want to write, and if there’s reader interest, decide then if I want to write an entire series around it. That way I’m not wasting my time on series’ that have very little reader interest. Of course you all know me. I will sometimes write a series because I have to (for myself). Thirteen Covens comes to mind. I’m just happy readers are enjoying them while I indulge my creative muse.

So that’s your Summer Writing Update from me.   Please take a moment to take my survey below and let me know which series’ you’re in love with right now! In the comments, feel free to tell me if you want more Liz Tanner, or more Covens, or more Gilded Lily.  The beauty of my worlds is they all tend to converge – much like my Pen Names. There’s potential for Liz Tanner to find herself in Haileyville, NY.  Just like Father Michaels and Megan ended up at Black Lily in Taming Trish. You just never know.


What is your favorite S. J. Reisner, Audrey Brice, and/or Anne O’Connell series. (Choose as many as apply.)

Gilded Lily (Training Amy, Switched, Black Lily, Taming Trish)
Ordo Templi Serpentis (aka OTS, Darkness, or Liz Tanner series)
Thirteen Covens
Castle Sedgebrook (Her Demon Lover, Her Demon Wedding)
Dalliances with Demons
Sorcerers’ Twilight (Left Horse Black, Warrior’s Blood Red, Eagle’s Talon Gray)
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