Being Fearless and The Masks We Wear #befearless #writing #identity

I’ve been contemplating my #domagick post last month where I talked about being fearless and writing without fear. Intrepid writing I called it. Not only have I been actively working toward writing without fear, but it’s made me aware of just Continue reading Being Fearless and The Masks We Wear #befearless #writing #identity

New Release – The Watch #thirteencovens #thriller #occult

THE WATCH (Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens Book 5) The Watchers are always watching. After Magister Thaddeus Blackwood of Temple of the Magi boasts of necromancy and spirit traps, Neal and Aaron, leaders of The Watch, have no choice but Continue reading New Release – The Watch #thirteencovens #thriller #occult

Guest Post: Brian G. Murray #chroniclesofdeath #fantasy

AUTHOR INTERVIEW What is your favorite thing about being a writer? My favorite thing about writing is the creativity.  I very much enjoy creating new world, new characters and plots.  Then as I am writing the story, I very much Continue reading Guest Post: Brian G. Murray #chroniclesofdeath #fantasy

When Magick Doesn’t Work #magick #Daemonolatry


Sometimes, despite our best efforts and intentions, magick doesn’t work in a situation. Especially situations where you’re influencing other people. Even seasoned magicians have this problem at times (though most likely won’t admit it). I’ve learned over the years how to Continue reading When Magick Doesn’t Work #magick #Daemonolatry

Targeting Your Audience for Maximum Returns #marketing #recruiting

So it would seem this is an odd post for a writer to write for marketing and recruiting professionals, but I think they need a little help. So consider this post part of your career training. Take it from a Continue reading Targeting Your Audience for Maximum Returns #marketing #recruiting

When Inspiration Strikes #thirteencovens #writing #passion #LizTanner

Please note: This post may contain SPOILERS. Last night I spent two hours in ritual and meditation and when I finally decided to close it up, I was pumped. The full ramifications of The Great Work I’ve been doing for Continue reading When Inspiration Strikes #thirteencovens #writing #passion #LizTanner