Day Six: Talismans – Intuition #DoMagick

Today’s Talisman is about creative intuition. I used both green and orange for creativity, the snake to symbolize wisdom, Jupiter to symbolize expansion, and Venus to attract ideas. Basically – this talisman is all about drawing more creative intuition and Continue reading Day Six: Talismans – Intuition #DoMagick

Preliminary August #DoMagick

I have finally figured out what I’m doing for my August #DoMagick Challenge.  The topic for the month is summoning. As you likely know, Daemonolaters don’t like, or use, the word summon on principle alone. You summon a servant or Continue reading Preliminary August #DoMagick

Days 27-30: In Conclusion #DoMagick

I spent a great deal of time in reflection the past few days. The daily cleansings are still happening – 30-45 minutes of shedding all negativity and care, and sending them barreling over my obstacles. This month’s #DoMagick exercises done: Continue reading Days 27-30: In Conclusion #DoMagick

Day One: Alchemizing Blocks & Self Cleansing #DoMagick

Research be damned because I know what I need to do this month to alchemize my blocks and self-cleanse. Today’s work: Spend an hour working on something I love (to channel all energy toward the block and break it), do Continue reading Day One: Alchemizing Blocks & Self Cleansing #DoMagick