Focus Meditation 6: Chakra #DoMagick

Meditation Title: Chakra Balancing Technique: A lot of these meditations (and you can find a huge variety of chakra balancing/activation/cleansing recordings all over the web for free) tend to use auditory tones/vibrations to stir each of the body’s energy points, Continue reading Focus Meditation 6: Chakra #DoMagick

Day 4 – Qigong + Chakra Work #domagick

I SO needed this today.  My morning qigong and chakra work really energized me. I started with about 10 minutes of Tai Chi to loosen everything up then moved into about 10 minutes of Qigong meditation/breathing exercises (Shen Breathing today). Continue reading Day 4 – Qigong + Chakra Work #domagick