Day Twenty-Six: Leviathan #DoMagick

I’m working with the Leviathan current through the end of the month. Incorporating it into my existing Sorath work, my demiurgic contemplation, and ascension. The cleansing meditations continue.  The alchemization of what I don’t want is manifesting as dissolution. Glorious Continue reading Day Twenty-Six: Leviathan #DoMagick

Day Two: Under the Wire #DoMagick

Yesterday’s results with taking what I love (writing/editing), working on that thing for awhile, then harnessing that “love” energy,  and channeling it into doing what needs to be done (i.e. things like administrative work), worked okay. I did manage to: Continue reading Day Two: Under the Wire #DoMagick

Day One: Alchemizing Blocks & Self Cleansing #DoMagick

Research be damned because I know what I need to do this month to alchemize my blocks and self-cleanse. Today’s work: Spend an hour working on something I love (to channel all energy toward the block and break it), do Continue reading Day One: Alchemizing Blocks & Self Cleansing #DoMagick