Sorcerers' Twilight Series (Con Bundle)

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(Epic Fantasy)

For centuries, the zealot Kersian sorcerers have abducted innocent women and children for sacrifice to their 'no name' god, and have waged war upon Danaria's sorcerers. Now, they are covertly usurping the thrones of human-ruled kingdoms to do the unthinkable; they are building a massive human army to assist them in destroying Danaria's sorcerer bloodlines to save their own.

Armed with nothing more than meager weapons, untrained sorcery, and mere instinct, a troubled human prince, an inept Danarian sorceress, and their friends, rise up and become the world's last hope to stop the Kersians , and save the sorcerers' dying race.

Titles can be bought invidually or as a bundle. Signed by the author.

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