READING by S. Connolly: Tarot (Various Types)

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I will perform readings via e-mail on the scheduled day for those who want them. No need to ask me any specific question if you don’t have one. Quick readings are a three card pull. Basic Readings are a modified celtic cross spread and will generally pick up what you absolutely need to know right now. If you do want me to concentrate on a certain area (i.e. love life, work life etc…) let me know. Tarot Counseling Sessions include a year ahead reading (no Daemons), a basic full tarot reading on the topic of your choice (or just a general reading) AND a quick draw three card spread on a single question or issue you have. You can get as many of these readings as often as you wish. I do these readings via email. Reading fee must be paid up front in order to schedule.

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