READING by S. Connolly: Daemonolatry

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I will perform an ascension or channeling session for you (at my own leisure on your scheduled day) and give you suggested path guidelines and information about the Daemons that show up and have an interest in working with you. Additionally I will answer up to 3 questions along with the general reading. I will also pass along personal messages given to me. This is done via email because it gives me the opportunity to do the work when it best suits the connection, and how I’m feeling, both of which can be wishy-washy when we start throwing specific times into the mix. If you’ve gotten this type of reading from me in the past 6 months, please hold off for at least six months before getting another. It’s very unlikely the Daemons will have anything new to add. Also, in therare instance you pay for a reading and the Daemons have nothing for you – I will refund your money. This has only happened a couple of times, but it does sometimes happen. Sadly I cannot force the Daemonic to have something to say to you or about you. They either have a message of insight or they don’t. Please note – these readings are very popular and VERY draining for me to perform. See days above for scheduling. Also understand that if you have specific questions – you may ask those!!! You aren’t limited to getting a generalized reading with this type of reading. Reading fee must be paid up front in order to schedule. Includes 1 free follow up with an additional 10 questions.

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