Divination Items

To learn more about Daemonic Divination and communication, read Drawing Down Belial. Get Sigillum Diaboli if you are interested in sigil reading.

Death Daemonic Divination & Ritual Cards ($14.99)

A full set of 30 Death Cards that can be used for magick, meditation, and divination. Each set includes 20 Daemonic Sigil Cards and 10 Death Tablet Cards. A perfect compliment to Keys of Ocat and a necessity for Funerary Priests and Necromancers. We have a few of these in stock here at Sephira Alchemy!

***Comes with a black felt bag for storage.*** Images can be seen on the Game Crafter page!


Dukanté Daemonic Sigil Divination Cards ($19.99)

A simple, elegant, Dukanté Sigil Set. This 41 card deck includes all the Daemons listed in the Dukante Hierarchy and can be used with the bookSigillum Diaboli for divination purposes. Additionally, this simple card set can be used for magick, or meditation and study.

Pictures of this set can be seen on the Game Crafter page.