Dark Prince (Paperback, signed)

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The fate of Hell and Earth is at stake....

Amon Zoth, Prince of Hell, has only one path to victory against the army of demonic mages who could destroy him and all of existence: Find the human witch they call Shelby Mithras who lives on the Earth sphere, in a land called Kentucky.

After opening a portal between the spheres and luring Shelby to Hell, Amon learns that Shelby doesn't know how to use her magic to its full potential, so he takes it upon himself to train her. He never imagined he'd be able to find common ground with a human, or that he'd be willing to move Hell and Earth to save her.

Shelby Mithras and her roommate Max are certain their small house on Elmcrest Lane is haunted. Little did they know there was a Hell mouth in their basement, or that the demons within it needed Shelby's help.

After Shelby learns that she is the one who can help Amon Zoth save existence from certain destruction, she has no choice but let the arrogant demon prince teach her demonic magic. She never thought in a million years that she would give anything to see him again.

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