Aiming for Trouble (Goetic Witch Mysteries 1 - Paperback, Signed)

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Everyone has their Daemons.

I just happen to have more than most. I'm Samigina Montgomery. Middle-aged, former event planner to the stars, and witch-in-denial. At forty-five, I've just inherited a house full of ghosts, a talking cat named Sebastian, the family grimoire, and a barn with a body in it. Now that I've meddled in the killer's affairs and discovered a growing body count, I'm next on their hitlist. If I want to live, it's time for me to finally face my childhood Daemons head on -- and ask for their help.

The Goetic Witch Mysteries:
1. Aiming for Trouble
2. Murmurs of Necromancy
3. Path of the Seere
4. For Whom the Bael Tolls
5. Murder in Barbatos
6. A Purson of Interest

Other books that feature Samigina Montgomery:
A Purloined Solstice

The Goetic Witch Mysteries are cozy mystery/women's paranormal fiction featuring an older heroine who solves murders, a talking cat, Goetic Daemons, and plenty of paranormal shenanigans.

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