S. Connolly

This was my original nom de plume. I first published business trade journal articles under this pen name along with a short sword and sorcery fantasy story, “A Sorcerer by Any Other Name” in Sorcerous Magazine and later at Alexandria Digital Literature (an idea before its time). Don’t freak out. I’m going to talk about myself in the third person for a minute… (actually I copied and pasted this from my contributor page over at demonolatry.org)

S. Connolly’s areas of study and practice over the years (since 1984) have included necromancy, divination, herbalism, LaVeyan Satanism, Wicca (she actually went through formal Gardnerian pre-initiate training and lied about her age to get in, but never went through with initiation because it wasn’t for her), Traditional Witchcraft, Traditional (Theistic) Satanism, Santeria, Thelema (no formal OTO involvement), Ceremonial Magick, Enochian Magick, Hermeticism, Khemeticism, Qabbalah, Rosicrucianism, Ancient Canaanite and Western Semitic practices, and Daemonolatry.

Ms. Connolly has been practicing Daemonic Magick since 1984, and has been an initiated Daemonolatress since 1990. She is the co-founder and High Priestess (traditionally ordained) of the Ordo Flammeus Serpens, a small Daemonolatry Sect out of Colorado. She was formally trained and initiated into Daemonolatry by Selinda Dukanté, daughter of Richard Dukanté, creator of the Dukanté Hierarchy. She is an actively practicing Daemonolatry magician with over 30 years experience in Goetia and Grimoiric Magick as well as kitchen witchery. She is also a Hekau Priestess in the O.T.H., a magical order within the virtual TTS, which is a sub-group of HOLLCA (a Daemonolatry Order).

Also a Rosicrucian, she holds a Master of Metaphysics from ULC Seminary. She has taught online classes in Qabbalah, Gematria, Magick, Daemonolatry and Meditation since 1999 and regularly speaks at conventions, trade shows, and conferences on a variety of topics. She is currently teaching seminary for Temple Thoth-Seshat, and is the current membership director for Temple of Atem.

She is the author of The Complete Book of DemonolatryThe Daemonolater’s Guide to Daemonic Magick, the classic Modern DemonolatryThe Art of Creative MagickDaemonolatry GoetiaKasdeya Rite of Ba’alHonoring Death: The Arte of Daemonolatry Necromancy, Curses, Hexes & Crossing, Infernal Colopatiron, Nuctemeron Gates, Sigillum Diaboli, Necromantic Sacraments, Keys of Ocat: A Grimoire of Daemonolatry Nygromancye, The Goetia Workbook, Wortcunning for Daemonolatry – and many more.

Her work also appeared in: Qliphoth Journal (The Path of Nasa & Alchemical Catharsis, Dec. 2013, Nephilim Press), Sabbatica, and  Anthology of Sorcery: Books 1, 2, and 3, alongside some of the most revered occultists of the 21st Century. She has also edited and/or contributed to collections of work for DB Publishing including Daemonolatry Rites, Ater Votum: Daemonolatry Prayer, and My Name is Legion. Formerly, she was the editor of and a regular contributor to Black Serpent Magazine. She now serves as an acquisitions editor at DB Publishing.

Outside the Daemonic and Magickal side of things, Ms. Connolly is a bestselling novelist who writes fantastic, supernatural, and erotic fiction under three additional pen names. She graduated from MSUD in 1995 with a B.A. in English. She and her husband live along the front range of the Rocky Mountains with their three feline companions.

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