Focus Meditation 14: Breath #DoMagick

Meditation Title: Bellows Breath Technique: Yes – MORE Pranayama! I know. I’m on a roll this week with the breathing meditations. Just one more though… This one is called Bellows Breath. It’s very similar to breath of fire, except you Continue reading Focus Meditation 14: Breath #DoMagick

Focus Meditation 13: Breath #DoMagick

Meditation Title: Breath of Fire Technique: This is a cleansing pranyama practice. Before we start, just know that if you’re pregnant or have high blood pressure, you might want to skip this one and try a more gentle breathing exercise. Continue reading Focus Meditation 13: Breath #DoMagick

Focus Meditation 12: Breath #DoMagick

Meditation Title: Lion’s Breath Technique: Pranayama is a practice of how one breathes. It’s part of a formal yoga practice for a lot of yogis. Different breathing techniques can actually do everything from promote relaxation to energy. Usually, this is Continue reading Focus Meditation 12: Breath #DoMagick

Focus Meditation 6: Chakra #DoMagick

Meditation Title: Chakra Balancing Technique: A lot of these meditations (and you can find a huge variety of chakra balancing/activation/cleansing recordings all over the web for free) tend to use auditory tones/vibrations to stir each of the body’s energy points, Continue reading Focus Meditation 6: Chakra #DoMagick

Focus Meditation 4: Walking #DoMagick

Meditation Title: Walking Meditation Technique: Today’s meditation is another moving meditation technique. Unlike just going out for a walk, walking meditation is more mindful, more focused. Have you ever heard anyone use the word “meander”? That better describes the pace Continue reading Focus Meditation 4: Walking #DoMagick

Focus Meditation 2: Color #DoMagick

Meditation Title: Coloring. Technique: This is a very simple meditation. Pull out the colored pencils, print out a mandala, and color. Focus on the color, the lines, the flow, the repeated patterns. Focus on NOTHING else except the act of Continue reading Focus Meditation 2: Color #DoMagick

Focus Meditation 1: Listen #DoMagick

Meditation Title: Chanting/Drumming/Hymns Technique: Put on a CD or Streaming Chanting/Drumming/Hymn track and just sit quietly (be still), listening. Do this 10-30 minutes. For those of you who are new to meditation, start at 10 minutes and work your way Continue reading Focus Meditation 1: Listen #DoMagick