Banish the Bitch! #magick #banishment #demonolatry

As stated in last month’s post about meditation, people often misunderstand my position on things because they may have only read a single book or two of mine. To fully understand my positions, however, it is often necessary to read my Continue reading Banish the Bitch! #magick #banishment #demonolatry

Day 2 – Bathin Invocation + Divination #domagick

March 2, 2017 So early this morning (8:30 is early for me), I went into the temple first thing (after feeding the cats) and did my invocation to Bathin. Then I pulled a tarot card asking for direction. I pulled Continue reading Day 2 – Bathin Invocation + Divination #domagick

Happy 2017! #newyear

Welcome to 2017! I have a lot of great stuff planned for you all this year! For S. Connolly readers – watch this blog for the Daemonic Magick series of articles!  I may cross post a few to, but Continue reading Happy 2017! #newyear