Day Nine: Talismans – Blooming #DoMagick

Our creative impulses only need initiative and nurturing to bloom.  The white and red flowers are passion combined with purity and perhaps perfection (even in imprefection).  The green is for growth. Flowers because ideas burst forth into blossoms.  This talisman Continue reading Day Nine: Talismans – Blooming #DoMagick

Day Eight: Talismans – Origins #DoMagick

Today’s talisman is about finding the creator within and tapping the origins of one’s creativity. It’s also about finding that divine source and tapping the chaos and randomness that, through creativity, manifests and takes shape into something we can experience Continue reading Day Eight: Talismans – Origins #DoMagick

Day Six: Talismans – Intuition #DoMagick

Today’s Talisman is about creative intuition. I used both green and orange for creativity, the snake to symbolize wisdom, Jupiter to symbolize expansion, and Venus to attract ideas. Basically – this talisman is all about drawing more creative intuition and Continue reading Day Six: Talismans – Intuition #DoMagick

Day Five: Talismans – Momentum #DoMagick

Today’s talisman is to inspire momentum.  To institute action from the initial “spark”.  The many roads leading from the spark are the opportunities and possibilities – and the half circles and dots are reminders to pause and enjoy the journey Continue reading Day Five: Talismans – Momentum #DoMagick