For Marketers, Recruiters, or Sales People

Do more READING, LOOKING, and RESEARCHING before you click SEND on that unsolicited ‘marketing’ email. You’re going to save yourself time in the long run, and get better outcomes. Just sending emails willy nilly is waste of your time, and the time of the person you’re sending it to, and you’re likely not going to get anything out of it. So many recruiters don’t actually READ resumes before contacting job candidates, and so many book marketing people don’t bother looking at the website they are soliciting a post on. Too many sales people don’t pay attention and don’t realize they’re sending their sales pitch to an individual who is self-employed and not a giant corporation.

Then when the recipient says: “Sure, I’m interested.” And it turns out the recipient’s site, or their skill-set, or “business” was not what the recruiter, salesman, or marketer were looking for  —  many of them act like it’s the recipient’s fault and the recipient is wasting their time.

As a regular recipient of these types of emails, let me be the first to be honest with you: You do not have a right to feel like I’m wasting YOUR time.  No – YOU CONTACTED ME. If anyone is wasting anyone’s time – you’re wasting MINE.


No – I do not need my website redesigned for my business. If you’d pay attention you’d see that I am a novelist.  I am not spending thousands for you to re-do my WordPress site.  If I want a site redesign – I’ll do it myself.

Yes – I do post guest blogs for other writers. If it’s a book promo article, I’m game. But it’s YOUR job to make sure it’s a good fit with my content. I’m not your mother.

Yes – I do sometimes post paid guest blogs if a business wants to advertise their products in the confines of a guest blog post. But again – it’s YOUR job to make sure your content is a good fit with mine. Again — not your mother!

Now – all of that said, if you still think I’d be interested in your unsolicited marketing email, then let’s talk. Otherwise, keep your solicitations to yourself.