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Day Twenty-Five: Roads #DoMagick

Today I did my cleansing meditation in the morning and this afternoon, I made a fascinating discovery. It’s a bit personal so I don’t know if I want to share it here, but I’m beginning to think the parochial diligence with which I’ve tackled certain things is going to stop. Just in saying that, I am feeling less stressed and more like I might enjoy working in the yard this weekend.

In other news, it was a beautiful afternoon. We went from snow to 66 degrees this afternoon (within a week) and I took about ten minutes out of my workday to enjoy sitting outside listening to the birds. I’m feeling a tremendous sense of gratitude today.

Today’s Cards (i.e. the wisdom for today):

Two of Swords: Coming to terms with something (truce) and making choices.  That’s been this entire month in a nutshell. I’ve been trying to work myself out of an unhealthy emotional stalemate caused by my own shortsightedness. It’s taking awhile, but the knots are unraveling.

Stars: Inspiration, happiness, and spiritual balance. Listening to one’s own inner voice and taking space for oneself.

Sigil: Leviathan:  I’ve been wondering when he would show up since I’ve been working with him a lot lately. Focusing on emotional health and happiness and listening to my inner voice. Seriously considering adding him to my model in some way, if only to bring something new into the mix.



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