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Day Seven: Procrastination Station #DoMagick

There are those days you’re revving to go and relishing in the joy of The Work, and other days where you avoid The Work at all costs by focusing on marketing, blogging, volunteer work, etc… This is definitely one of the biggest areas where I need to stick to a strict schedule, pre-plan, and not use other work as an excuse to avoid the creative process. When I focus on the minutia of it, I end up kicking my own ass by creating blocks that then need to be broken. I need to quit wasting as much energy on this stuff. So maybe I was doing it backward.

Those of you who have been with me for some time know that I’m a list maker. Lists help me feel more in control and give me the information I need at a glance. I like that.

Other Work:

  • Makes me feel busy and productive, so I use it to avoid what I love.
  • Makes me resentful, and so I’ll find ways to procrastinate on it and let it build up so it becomes a mountain of work that seems impossible to finish.
  • Blocks me creatively so I cannot focus on joy and completing the work that gratifies me.
  • Takes away from my downtime, and time with my family.
  • Is a necessary evil.

Alchemizing these feelings and turning them into creative energy is the goal. I started out thinking I needed to harness the energy from the joy I got from doing the creative work, to complete the Other Work. But now I’m seeing clearly that I just need to find a more effective way to complete the OTHER work and perhaps alchemize those bad feelings the Other Work provokes and turn it into something positive.

Ways in which I can fix this problem:

  • Limit time on Social Media by scheduling a month of posts the first Sunday of each month.
  • Stick to a strict schedule for Other work and Creative work. Keyword: Discipline.
  • Start prioritizing.  Not all Other work is equally important.
  • Remember that the best marketing tool I have is the next book. The writer’s biggest job is to focus on the work.
  • Stop taking on more than I can handle. Learn to say NO.
  • Resist impromptu marketing and random wild hares. Keyword: Focus.

I think I’ll start with this and meditate on it with Leviathan tonight, see what insight he can offer through an ascension session.


Today’s Tarot: The Tower – This card heralds a revelation that change needs to happen in this situation because it’s kicking my ass.

Today’s Lenormand: The Star – This is a positive card leaning toward success, and I’m taking it to mean that I can be successful in taming the out-of-control schedule of other to-do’s, and that I can find more time to spend doing the things I love. The schedule is under MY control.

Today’s Sigil: Mephisto – This sigil suggests I need to learn where to put my energy and quit wasting it. I also need to learn to draw energy [from what I love], instead of counting on only what I wake up with each morning. It’s basically a sign that I need to get my shit together and take better control of my energy.


Steph is an award winning and bestselling author of thrilling steamy and paranormal romances, dark urban fantasy, occult horror-thrillers, cozy mysteries, contemporary romance, sword and sorcery fantasy, and books about the esoteric and Daemonolatry. A Daemonolatress and forever a resident of Smelt Isle, she is happily married and cat-mom to three pampered house cats. Her muse is a demanding sadistic Dom who often keeps her up into the wee hours of the morning. You can contact her at swordarkeereon@gmail.com

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