Yoga and Pranayama #DoMagick

So I’ve decided what my work will be for August September. And it’s not new to me, per se, but it’s something I need to get back into and my goal is to make it a habit to improve my flexibility and my overall health.  I am going to do 30 days of Yoga with Pranayama designed to heat me up and stimulate my metabolism. I need more movement and stress relief, and I think this would definitely do the trick.  No, it’s not new to me. However, the Pranayama is something I’ve never really worked consistently with. Plus, I need this and I think it’s the most common sense “magical” practice to add to my routine at this time, with the goal of making it permanent.

That said, I begin research on specific poses and pranayama techniques August 1! Which means my September daily blog posts will be all about stretching, breathing, and how I’m feeling. I can feel your excitement already. LOL

On that note, back to trying to finish all my to-do’s for July. This has been a busy summer for me. And between all the events and slow work/progress on the writing front, I still feel like I’ve been making some breakthrough’s this year, which is a plus.

Just a side note here – I have been operating on the delusion that the next challenge started in August. It actually starts in September, which is good because I still have specific techniques to research. I’m a bit ahead of myself here. Probably because I have so much going on. Sorry for that.

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