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Day 15: More To-Do List #DoMagick

Since I was up late last night with the movie, I didn’t wake up today until 10 AM.  That is a definite sleep-in for me.  But it wasn’t a good thing because I had to go to the DMV today, and we all know that you NEVER go to the DMV at lunchtime if you can help it. So I bided my time by opening the temple, then I looked at a poll I offered up to my readers about Thirteen Covens. Checked and dealt with some email. Had breakfast and coffee. About 2pm I finally made it to the DMV. I was there for an hour, then DH and I went and had lunch. By the time I got home it was around 5PM.  Then I screwed around talking to some friends via text/chat. Then I got this (and it is truly magickal):

We decided to do this because the first seven Thirteen Covens tales amount to about 100,000 words. That’s a hefty size novel right there. Plus, a lot of people who don’t do ebooks really wanted a paperback. So readers decided they wanted seven stories in one paperback, and seven parts in another. Then – when it was done, they wanted a compilation (of all of them) paperback, and a hardcover and ebook set with all of them. But they didn’t want to wait until 2019 for a paperback. So…. you see what I mean. This is the hard part about writing stories like this. They all stand alone but are all part of a larger story. Talked to my editor for a little while, so I guess I have gotten something done today. Dealt with some scheduling bits for the Saturday takeover event. 🙂

Finally, I did an hour of meditation and divination and was told that it was best to go slow and make sure I double check everything before unleashing releasing the next novella on the world. Ba’al Collective will likely be releasing next week! Yay!  Next Tuesday is my ritual to finally reconstruct, consecrate, and charge the Sorath model. It should be interesting.

I did get a couple more small to-dos off the long list, but got home too late to do two of the things I wanted to get done. There’s always next Tuesday for that. I’m not too worried.

Today’s Tarot: Justice –  Logical thinking and putting emotions aside.  This card also suggests that consequences will be fair and everything will fall into place. It’s time to balance.  I’m all for that.

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