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Day 10: This is Where the Magick Happens #DoMagick

Editing. This is where the magick happens. The problem is that my brain is on stuff that needs to be done. So today I vowed to finish Ba’al Collective so I could give my full attention to Eagle’s Talon Gray. I am concerned there is a missing scene in ETG that will need to be written, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I’m afraid this fantasy story has become more of a love story, but it was bound to happen. Though it becomes more action oriented toward the end. I am also concerned that Alax seemed to be going the way of Morvack in this one, but the missing scene should take care of that. Alax and Seth will stay together until the end and ultimately – they either win or lose together, despite Alax’s feelings that his brother is a nutball. Really, I think the only one who isn’t crazy is Morvack, which is why I saved him in the last book. There can be redemption for the bad guy – sometimes. Especially if his “badness” was due to his influences when the reality is he’s not really a bad guy deep down.

Anyway – disappointed in myself for not being able to finish ETG in time for Comic-Con, but at least the first two books are ready to go. I need to order them.

So today’s work is finishing Ba’al Collective and I think it might be time to do an enchantment. I feel one coming on. Details forthcoming if I make it that far today. UPDATE: The Ba’al Collective was finished and sent into editing today. Woot! 1010

Today’s Tarot: The Wheel of Fortune: A reminder that things will not stay the same as they are. Also an indication that, when you’ve been down on your luck (as I have been on the productivity front lately), things are about to change for the better. This is good news and makes me hopeful. With any luck, things will improve and I’ll be moving right along before I know it!

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