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Day 17: Picture Imperfect #domagick

When you can’t write – read. So that’s what I did last night, and I listened to an audio book today at the office. I may end up reading tonight, too (instead of writing).  We shall see. ::yawn::

I am bored out of my damn mind at the office today. Nothing today either. Woke at 7:30AM, did my invocation, had some coffee, checked on my sigil to make sure it was still with me, and headed here to the office. The most eventful part of my day was answering some email. I printed reports, did the A/R, cleaned up some of my employee file to-do’s, and that was pretty much that. Had a beer with a co-worker and my mom.

Went home and made dinner for Matt and I. In good news, my head and back feel better today despite the fact that I didn’t sleep well last night. Between my husband and the cats, I am lucky I got any sleep at all.

I repeated the chakra activation/balancing I’ve been doing.

Word Count: 0

Someone asked me why I wasn’t posting pictures of my magick. Unless you want to see a printed sigil…. I haven’t been using props (for the most part) during this whole thing. It’s me, my mind, and my actions with a sigil or two thrown in. And, no offense, if you’ve seen one sigil of Ashtaroth or Bathin – you’ve seen them all. LOL

Yes, my magick is picture imperfect. It’s not nearly as pretty and staged as it could be, especially this month. Real Life (TM) requires me to incorporate the magick into my daily life in such a way, that for most it wouldn’t seem magickal at all. I’m not complaining by any means. Simplicity is important for me when it comes to longer work.

And I posted this late because I went to bed early last night and didn’t wake up for over fourteen hours. Long week.

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