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Man Behind the Mask Giveaway! #horror #giveaway

man-behind-the-maskThe ‘80s brought us the horror genre’s golden period: the best films, directors, cheesiness, soundtracks, and the sexiest scream queens. We especially held the women of those films close to our hearts. Still do.

Featuring all-female contributors, stories in The Man Behind the Mask anthology include ‘80s-style clichés: masked killers, peepers, perverts, toolbox killers, killer clowns, window-watchers, sister-touchers, geeks, cheerleaders, big-breasted women, men with big knives (to compensate for the size of something else), and, most importantly, heroines.

This one’s for you, ladies. It’s a thank you for all the great contributions you’ve added to the beloved horror genre over the years, and it’s sure to be a prick-teasing wet dream for the geeks of yesteryear.

Bolt the doors or run screaming into the woods. The man behind the mask is back, and his chainsaw is revving.

***All proceeds from this anthology go to support breast cancer research.***

Edited by David Owain Hughes, Veronica Smith, and Jonathan Edward Ondrashek

Table of Contents:
Foreword: Linnea Quigley
Audrey Brice: Heart’s Desire
Dani Brown: Movie Star
Alice J. Black: The Travelling Circus
Carly Holmes: Club Cruelty
Jaime Johnesee: The Best Damn Revenge
Lisa Lane: Black Rose
Stevie Kopas: Camp Counselors Wanted
S. L. Mewse: The Harvest
Dawn Cano: Bag Lady
Debby Dodds: Killer Times at Ridgeway Mall
Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason: Rock, Paper, Scissors
D.M. Slate: 24 Lone Pine Lane
Fox Emm: Broken Rules
Crystal Jeans: Hot Sauce
Suzanne Fox: Original Sin
Rose Garnett: Love Will Tear You Apart
Charlotte Ros: Ambush
Christine Elise McCarthy: Dinner
C. A. Viruett: Prom Night
A. Giacomi: Slumber Games
Kasey Dawn Hill: Scream Campers, I Know What You Dreamed Last Bloody Halloween
Briana Robertson: Bloodbath
Delphine Quinn: This isn’t the Breakfast Club
Kindra Sowder: Courtesy Call
K.M. Cox: Laugh out Loud
Rachel Nussbaum: It Takes a Lot of Guts
Tamara Fey Turner: Birthday Face
Florence A Marlowe: Clown Guy

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Man Behind the Mask by Audrey Brice

Man Behind the Mask

by Audrey Brice

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